For the record:

– Autistic people may have depression.

– Autistic people may have obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)

– Autistic people may have social phobia.

– Autistic people may have anxiety.

– Autistic people may have many phobias.

– Autistic people may have schizotypic disorder.

– Autistic people may have schizophrenia.

– Autistic people can be ADHD people.

BUT depression, OCD, sociophobia, phobias, anxiety, schizophrenia, schizotypal disorder, and ADHD are not autism symptoms. Not at all!

These are many autistic people WITHOUT these conditions, and many non-autistic people with these conditions.



You know, If you are brainwashing your autistic child, saying that they are “sick,” “punished from birth,” and “pathetic” because they are Autistic, you are the awful parent.

Even if you are Autistic too.

Even if you “love your child.”

Even if you like to write posts about “smart children with autism”.

You are the awful parent because you intentionally underestimate your child’s self-esteem. You convince them that their way of thinking is wrong and that their personality is defective.

Well, it’s cool if they can bear it and not commit suicide. And it’s a really-really cool if your child, when they grows up, hates only you because of your ableism, and don’t hate yourself because of internalized ableism.

But not all autistic people are so lucky. And parents like you often kill and break their children and teach them hate themself.

So you are a really-really awful and dangerous parent! And there is no excuse for your behavior!

P.S. Nothing can justify ANY brainwashing – it doesn’t matter whether you brainwash your child with religion, nationalism or the “importance of higher education”.

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Ones upon a time, in Russian the train…

When I was a teen I used to babbled about Rothschild family.

You know, they were my special interests.

So one day I was seating in the train that going from Moscow to Ivanovo and talking nonstop about Rothschilds with my grandpa.

The old lady, (she was sitting in front of me) Interrupted me.

– Oh, what a smart cutty little girl! – she said,- probably you are an excellent student?

You know, she used that sweeeet nasty voice that adults usually use when they talk to babies? But the baby – I mean, me – was a TEEN!

And after that she did something even more disgusting.

– You know, – she said to me. – These Rothschilds are Jews. So they control all governments. In general, Jews are to blame for all the problems of the world. Jews are parasites.

I was really exhausted. I had a strong sensory overload. Only Rothschilds babbling could help me.

But when this women said that “Jew are parasites” I started yelling at her. It was something like:

– How your dare, how your dare, how you dare! My dad is half-Jewish! No, I’m JEWISH! I’m Jewish!

And after that…

The lady looked at me like I had turned into a monster. She just ran away at the other end of the train, far away from us.

And then I had a real meltdown.

I was crying. I was stimming. I was screaming. Screaming some absurd phrases…. something about NLP… something about adults who were using me, manipulating me all the time.

– Just get away from me! All of you!

I hardly understood what was flying out of my mouth after I had a meltdown.

I was so scared!

I was so scared that I was a “parasite” for most Russian people, and I hated myself for not being able to change public opinion. Hated myself for the fact that I’m not such powerful like my favorite Rothschilds!

And I blamed myself for my “excessive emotionality.”

– She just has hysteria! She is a psycho!

That was said by this woman who considered me a parasite.

– Behave yourself! You are really like a psiycho.

And that was said by my own grandmother.

Even my grandpa — my best friend — began to blame me for my meltdown.

And I blamed myself too. Many, many months after this case.

But now I don’t blame myself.

I’m just angry. I get angry whenever I remember this incident. I am still angry after all these years.

It wasn’t the only one incident when strangers called me a “parasite” because I’m Jewish. Just the first.

But this particular case made me thinking about how often ableism, ageism and anti-semitism (and racism) can be inseparable.

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My first pride

Yesterday, I was at the LGBT pride for the first time in my life.
It was the LGBT pride in the city of York. And you know what?
Recently, it has become customary to criticize the «non-political nature» and «commercialization» of LGBT-prides. But I do not agree with this criticism!
It was the first time in my life when I really saw the world without homophobia and transphobia. I have been suffering from homophobia and transphobia all my life and now I can see how people celebrate LGBT identity and LGBT+ diversity.
I saw ordinary citizens who greeted us from the sidewalks and from the balconies of their homes. They held rainbow flags! They were waiting for us. They were glad to celebrate our identity. Some of the parents there were with small children. Do you know that in Russia these parents would be arrested? You don’t know it, yep? So, in Russia, children have practically no opportunity to grow in LGBT-friendly society. Continue reading “My first pride”

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Ableism in the Russian Activistic Community

(My publication for Blogging Against Disablism Day)

(Me and my colleagues in conference “Psychology for Human Right)

About three years ago, I created the first Russian-language website about autism, which treats autism from the standpoint of neurodiversity – the idea that autism (like some other neuro-differences) is not a disease that must be treated and eradicated, but is actually a part of a person’s personality. My activism began with this initiative. Since then, I have developed several online projects, consulted various organizations on the conception of inclusive environment at events, held lectures and seminars on autism and disability, and organized single-person pickets.
All this time, I interacted with people and organizations who considered themselves progressive and inclusive. These were people and organizations dealing with human rights and social activities, and sharing neoliberal or leftist views. It must be said that they are not typical representatives of the Russian public sphere, but they can be judged as somehow representing the “progressive” part of the post-Soviet society that wants to support disabled people in order to achieve equality. In addition, many of these people in the past have been employed by organizations that have been helping disabled people. I cannot talk about the experience of all disabled people, and about the general attitude to all types of disabilities, consequently what I wrote concerns first and foremost my personal experience in creating an inclusive environment for autistic and neuro-different people.

Continue reading “Ableism in the Russian Activistic Community”
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Dear young me

I know that our parents will never tell you this, so I need to tell you this truth.

It is okay to be imperfect.

It is okay to make mistakes.

It’s normal if you say something wrong.

It is okay if your opinion differs from that of the majority. Even if you have never met people who share your opinion.

It is okay to have unusual interests.

It is okay to be autistic.

It is okay to be ‘abnormal’, ‘quirky’ or weird.

It is okay to be yourself.

(Image description: Very young me)

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ABA and ageism

As a leader of the first initiative group in Russia created by autistic people for autistic people, I can say that we’re never going to deconstruct ableism unless we deconstruct ageism first.

Take for example the ABA-therapy problem.

The problem is not only that parents and professionals often used ABA to suppress our natural autistic behaviors. The problem is, those parents and professionals believe they can demand obedience from us! No one SHOULD be entitled to decide how I should think and how I should behave if I’m not harming anyone around me.

Now, however, any parents have the right to decide this, because children (both autistic and allistic) have no rights. Children are treated as property, as slaves of their parents, so that any interventions to their behavior are considered permissible in our society.

«What about disabled adults though?” – you can ask me.

Ok! So many parents and professionals have admitted they consider it acceptable to interfere in life of an autistic adult, since they believe that “all people with autism are like children”. If they were capable of viewing children as legitimate human beings, they would never say that.

Ageism intersects with ableism. Ageism has always been intersected with ableism. And ageism will always intersect with ableism. This is my reason to keep fighting both of these oppression systems.